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We know hemp. 

Since 2018, True North has worked alongside the Canadian Hemp Farmer to provide agronomic services and harvest support.  Our integrated services model includes in field biomass collection services, along with a post-harvest platform that consists of biomass refinement, upgrading and packaging capabilities.  Our manufacturing facility is situated near Oyen, AB, in the heart of hemp production in Alberta and Saskatchewan, consisting of 55,000 square feet of upgrading and storage capacity.  If you want to talk hemp we would love to hear from you!

Agronomic Support

We offer multiple in-season touchpoints with a certified agronomist. This provides a feedback loop across the True North grower network.

Agronomic Support

With over 22,000 acres of hemp harvest experience, we provide our growers with a playbook of best practices on how to maximize your CBD yield across a variety of genetic strains, along with various cultivation and harvest techniques.

Harvest Services

True North offers a full range of infrastructure and services to assist growers in the harvest, collection and transportation of their biomass from their field to our manufacturing facility in Oyen, AB.  Our fleet of state of the art chaff collection carts can be supported by a True North harvest service expert to work alongside your harvest and minimize an impact from chaff collection.  We provide our growers access to our fleet of specialized 53 foot container trailers for cost effective transportation of your biomass to our facility.

Biomass Services

True North provides a range of services to get your biomass ready for extraction.  This includes milling, refinement and upgrading, and packaging capabilities to provide Licensed Processors with a plug and play input to their extraction systems.

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