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It all started with a seed.

True North’s roots stem from a single hemp seed planted in the spring of 2015. Our founders spent multiple summers camping in farmers' fields studying hemp genetics, hand-harvesting crops, and analyzing CBD yields. The goal - to find a model that would bridge the gap between agricultural hemp and the emerging benefits of CBD.

The light bulb moment arrived in 2017 and our business was born. We designed in-field equipment that would support the farmer during harvest. This equipment collects and transports the hemp to our facility and that's where the magic happens! We take this hemp through stages of upgrading to create a pure CBD isolate used in all of our formulations.


Fast forward to today, True North is working with many of the same farmers we first met in 2015. We have grown our business from the ground up and are not only supporting the hemp industry but serving the health and wellness community by providing CBD products to those who benefit from them.


We believe in consistency. Through our integrated system of CBD processing, we are able to offer a quality, THC-free product that you can trust. By choosing True North, you are supporting hemp farmers across Canada while complimenting your lifestyle goals.

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