Differentiated Hemp Product

True North creates an industry leading hemp-based CBD biomass through an integrated refinement process that leverages advanced drying technology, cannabinoid crystallization and mechanical separation techniques that result in a higher potency CBD product void of unnecessary biomass or potential broad acre contaminants.

Quality Assurance

Granular batching and lotting standards, pre-harvest testing requirement and industry leading production SOPs ensure minimal risk of exposure to potential quality assurance challenges from crop protection chemicals, heavy metals, microbials and pathogens.

Handling and Capacity

By providing access to our environmentally controlled, finished product storage environment, our growers maximize product value by minimizing CBD degradation, while our customers receive exceptional product quality and the ability to receive product on a rateable basis.


We offer multiple in-season touchpoints with a certified agronomist.

This provides a feedback loop across the True North grower network.

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