CBD Isolate

Hemp-derived CBD Isolate from True North Cannabis is over 99% crystalline powder with an odourless and tasteless  flavour profile.  This ingredient is ready for the next step in your formulation. 


We offer:

  • 3rd Party COA Testing

  • Guaranteed Potency

  • Competitive Market Pricing

  • Consistent Supply Volumes

  • THC-Free Formulation

The True North Advantage
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Assurance that you will have supply to develop your downstream consumer demand and fulfill your obligations is vital. Creating comfort throughout your supply chain is True North’s core focus. TN provides access to large volume hemp-based CBD supply by working with the Canadian hemp farming industry. This model provides the flexibility to backwards integrate into your supply needs.

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True North provides assurance by verifying regulatory compliance from seed to sale to ensure your business is not at risk. TNs compliance certification allows you to trust your source.

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True North is committed to quality, from our in field processes, through refinement, and packaging. We diligently sample and accurately report data that is representative and consistent. Our 3rd party lab certification program gives your business confidence within our product.

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True North offers custom blending to fulfill your specific cannabinoid ratio requirement in your downstream product bringing consistency to your formulation.

Frequently asked questions

How do you make your CBD Isolate?

Our CBD Isolate is created using premium hemp biomass as the primary input. After processing and upgrading, the CBD is extracted using supercritical C02 extraction. We are able to trace all of our ingredients from the initial collection to the final product.

What is the potency of your CBD Isolate?

As per Health Canada guidelines, our CBD Isolate is always of at least 99% purity.

What is the cost / kg?

True North works directly with the Canadian hemp grower allowing us to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Does your CBD Isolate contain THC?

True North certifies our CBD isolate at non-detectable levels of THC.