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Hey Budtenders


What do hemp hearts & our CBD have in common?

We work directly with hemp farmers in Alberta & Saskatchewan. These are the same family businesses that grow to supply the hemp food industry. By giving back to our local community we aim to support the future generations of farmers. 

Sustainability is key.
What used to be by-product, dropped the ground during harvest, is collected, refined, and upgraded before heading into our extraction process.

By working further downstream than our competitors, we are able to offer
better-pricing while still maintaining the highest quality standards in our CBD products.


All True North products are produced using 99%+ pure CBD ISOLATE. This provides patients with a THC-free & terpene-free product that you can trust.

Most of our competitors use CBD distillate - an earlier pass product with lower quality and less consistency. Our CBD isolate provides a
clean & consistent experience every time!  

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